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use low speed and care when starting the removal once the screw is loosened you can increase the drill speed. for the screws that snap off you can use pry bars to slide the board over the screw. for the screws that snap off if you need to save the then use a sawzall to cut the screw between the framing and the trex.【Get Price】

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removal of debris. measure the length by height by width of a stack of planks equaling those used to build your deck and calculate their square footage. do the same with the support timbers and the piles. add all the figures together to find the minimum size dumpster you will need to haul the deck material away.【Get Price】

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shop crowbars & pry bars in the chisels & pry bars section of find quality crowbars & pry bars online or in store.【Get Price】

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a multi-tool such as the bosch multi-x and its many cutting blades is well suited for this job. start by using the tool with a wood-cutting blade to remove a board section between the joists to allow access then make a quick change to a metal-cutting blade and get between the remaining boards to cut the nail or screw fastener.【Get Price】

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deck removal tool by greentek tools. pull up decking simply and safely in a fraction of the time while cutting costs and boosting productivity. works on many types of decking and fasteners. high-strength laminated bamboo handle. heat-treated alloy steel lifter. integrated nail puller. weight: 7.6 lbs.【Get Price】

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if you want a close match between old and new deck boards you’ll have to match the species of wood. this is tricky because weathered deck boards look alike. remove a board cut it with a circular saw and smell the wood to identify the species. pressure-treated pine has a sweet smell cedar an aromatic smell and redwood a more pungent smell.【Get Price】

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messages: 71. likes received: 0. trophy points: 33. can you get to the joists underneath. if so can you get a sawsall blade in or a metal cutting blade of an ossolating tool between the deck board and the joists and cut the screws. this will not necessarily help remove the screws but will get the boards off.【Get Price】 - deck removal made easy

demo-dek is the only deck removal tool that completely removes an entire board at a time – even with ring shank nails! r demo-dek works on almost any deck removal scenario – such as nailed or screwed deck planks【Get Price】

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the deck demon ultimate wrecking bar. perfect for removing decking strapping breaking down pallets siding.【Get Price】

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the bottom of the board gets a cleaner cut because circular saw teeth cut from the bottom up. when you cut a board don’t leave a knot at the end. to get a tight joint between old and new boards angle the jigsaw slightly when cutting out the bad board so the bevel on the remaining deck board is longer at the top. required tools for this project【Get Price】

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tear down your deck with ease using the deck wrecker. deck wrecker's curved rocker design rolls onto joists for quick board removal. deck wrecker's fiberglass handle saves your back hands and fingers from the strain of conventional decking removal; the padded handle provides extra comfort and grip.【Get Price】

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if i had to do this on a regular basis i would use a sawsall type tool. it has a 6 inch blade that can get between wood and saw through screws. but really you just end up with a hellish mess and a deck that starts off looking pretty rough. as advise by others its best to factor in a complete removal and replacement.【Get Price】

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when removing or remodeling an outdoor deck screws present a challenge to remove due to rust and corrosion built up on the screw's surface and shaft. old deck screws are susceptible to breaking in two bending stripping and fusing.【Get Price】

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1-man self-locking board bending tongue-and-groove joining tool used for decks docks flooring tongue-and-groove ceilings and walls planking paneling tongue-and-groove plywood and more customized grippers available from factory【Get Price】

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if you can't access the bottom of the deck you can remove a section of the board to be discarded close to the screw and then cut the screw horizontally. the stub of the old screw in the framing board will be covered by the new boards. images and links are illustrative only not an endorsement of goods or sources.【Get Price】

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overview. the deck demon 44 in. wrecking bar is the perfect tool for demolition. the forged steel head features dual prying claws that fit over single and double joists for maximum leverage. the claws are slotted to easily remove any type of fastener from a standing position. powder coated finish prevents rust and corrosion. ...【Get Price】

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the best deck-demo tool. the tool is a little strange looking but once you read the instructions the unique design starts to make sense. every other deck-board remover i’ve tried uses the underlying joist as the pivot point but the demo-dek uses the deck board itself as the pivot point which generates a tremendous amount of “popping” torque.【Get Price】

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another way to prevent cupped board ends is to double up your joist under the boards end and fasten to both boards with screws....this helps but doesn't 100% eliminate cupping. also read the grain of the board before installing and place it so that the grain is either neutral or positive arched instead of negative arched along the length of the board.【Get Price】

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place the crowbar underneath the board and hit it with the hammer to pull up the board and nails. it is also possible to use a deck board removal tool which will make the job easier. if the board is screwed down unscrew with a screwdriver.【Get Price】

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re: dock & deck board removal tool jim would you consider using a 2x4 on edge say six to eight ft.long straddle over joist and under decking where the nails are locatedshould get a lot of leverage to pry the boards up working your way across.【Get Price】

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if you need to replace deck boards you'll save time and save money with this inexpensive tool. on sale now plus free shipping. the duckbill is great for removing ceiling boards siding and other ...【Get Price】

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best way to remove old nailed decking. then the handle is pried laterally pulling the nail out. advantage: the boards can be re-used. otoh for a project your scale you might consider pounding near the joists from the underside using a 5 or 7 lb. sledge loosening the nails that way starting from one end of the boards. you can use a 2x4 or 2x6 end-on to transmit the blows.【Get Price】

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in the market for a deck board removal tool (deckwrecker duckbill wrecking claw and the like). any recommendations or point me to a discussion thread on the subject. demodek you won't find any better demo tool then this one.【Get Price】

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if your deck has years of weathered wood failed coatings or discoloration the diamabrush™ wood decks and siding tool can save time and money. the tool never clogs or gums up so the project can be finished in one day without the hassle of sandpaper chemicals or pressure washing.【Get Price】

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nail removal is the problem pull through the nails don't belt them back they way they entered the board if a nail gun was used if they are the twist type with a wide head you are going to have to tap them back and remove with a claw hammer which will cause some splintering. a sand and re-oil after being re-nailed will hide most of the damage.【Get Price】

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i have the deck wrecker and i think it's an awesome tool. doesn't matter if the boards are nailed it screwed this will pull the boards right up. i did a deck which the boards were screwed this tool pulled the boards up leaving the screws and the framing intact. i went back with as lazer blade and just cut 'em flush. duckbill deck wrecker【Get Price】

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maintenance of a wood deck takes more than just power washing you’ll also need to remove leaves and other debris from between the boards. to do this screw an “l” hook to the end of a broom handle then use it to remove debris. watch this video to find out more. videos you may like.【Get Price】

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start by removing all railings and stairs then move on to the deck boards. a majority of decks nowadays are built with screws which are simple enough to remove with a drill or electric screwdriver. if your deck was built with nails simply pull out the nails or pry the boards up with a hammer and a pry bar.【Get Price】

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demo tools. that works but it's slow going and awkward since you're prying against a 1-1/2-inch joist and have to work from the side where the deck boards have been removed. we've used a lot of different pry bars and our go-to tools for removing deck boards are the gutster and the duckbill deck wrecker. the gutster.【Get Price】

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demo-dek by greentek tools is the fastest and easiest deck removal tool on the market. designed for maximum efficiency to remove multiple deck boards in seconds demo-dek helps complete big jobs in a fraction of the time cutting costs and boosting productivity.【Get Price】

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bull bar decking removal tool. the bull bar’s key feature is an indexing head that rotates 180 degrees allowing the user to select the best angle for maximum leverage and access. in the open position the head can generate leverage to pop large planks from joists while the closed position provides for shorter pulls and faster action...【Get Price】

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any one of these specialty deck-board removal tools makes demolishing a deck easier. the greentek demo-dek unlike the other tools grabs the dek board rather than straddling the joist and according to the manufacturer pulls out deck boards much easier than leverage tools. there is also a nail puller on the end for straggler nails...【Get Price】

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at just 8 pounds this rugged tool can be used to remove any number of materials like decking strapping fence boards and siding. ergonomic because the deck demon works from a standing position it enables you to wreck the deck without wrecking your back.【Get Price】